Tesla Model 3 Performance Dual Motor

After a long wait, Tesla finally released the specs and opened the order books for the Model 3 dual motor all-wheel-drive and performance versions.

The performance version features an AC motor in the front and a permanent magnet in the rear same as the dual motor non-performance version, but Tesla have picked the highest rated ones with double the burn-in process to make sure they can handle a higher output.

Elon Musk has stated that the performance version will feature a carbon fiber spoiler, 20” Performance wheels, and black and white interior options. Musk claims it will be 15% quicker than the BMW M3 and with better handling, and “will beat anything in its class on the track.” Now that is something we will have to see.

Here are the other details of the Model 3 performance version:

  • Range: 498 kms
  • 0 to 100 kmph acceleration: 3.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 250 kmph
  • Price: $78,000 (without autopilot)

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Dual Motor


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